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Phokus Research Group was founded in 2008 after the founder realized the need for supporting military inventors and innovations. In addition to providing top of the line tactical medical gear, the company focuses on helping others make their tactical inventions and innovations a reality and bring them to market. After going through an ordeal with a manufacturer that got out of royalty payments, the founder made it the company’s mission to find tactical inventors in order to protect, develop and commercialize their ideas.

Browse our selection of medical supplies and trauma kits from Phokus Research Group below:

PHOKUS Research Group

    • SONS Deployment Trauma Kit II (DTKII)
      SONS Trauma Kit by PHOKUS (DTKII) – Ultra-Thin Trauma Kit designed to fit behind your body armor. Designed by a US Navy SEAL and tested downrange by Special Missions Units for over two years, we’re proud to offer the Sons Trauma Kit from Phokus Research. Designed with the tools you need . . .
      SKU: DTKII
    • SONS Low Visibility Deployment IFAK (LVD)
      The Low Visibility Trauma Kit (LVD) features low profile packaging designed to easily fit in a cargo pocket or in a small pouch on the lower back. The The Low Visibility Trauma Kit features low profile packaging designed to easily fit in a cargo pocket or in a small pouch on the lower back. The &hel . . .
      SKU: LVD
    • SONS Low Visibility Deployment II IFAK (LVDII)
      Phokus trauma kits are worn in the negative space behind ballistic protection. Reduces or eliminates space, weight, and ergonomic issues that have been identified for overburdened warfighters. Using a patented pressure sealed, plate shaped design allows operators to comfortably wear medical gear in . . .
      SKU: LVDII
    • SONS Shield Trauma Kit IFAK (STK)
      Originally developed for Operators who carry a gun but do not wear body armor, the Shield Trauma Kit is pocket sized and small enough to fit in a jacket pocket or can be worn in a variety of other applications. The contents follow all Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) Guidelines and are packed fo . . .
      SKU: STK
    • SONS Trauma Kit – Advanced Vehicle Trauma Kit (AVTK)
      Designed for vehicles, boats and other locations where a self-contained trauma kit is beneficial, the Mobility Trauma Kit provides a larger size with the opportunity to carry more gear while still retaining a slim profile that will store easily. The contents follow all Tactical Combat Casualty Care . . .
      SKU: AVTK

Phokus Research Group Products:
Phokus Research Group’s primary product lines are tactical trauma kits or IFAKs and medical supplies for military personnel, law enforcement and first responders. Other product lines include Hoplite, the night vision cover that allows for instant refocus from far to near. As it is their mission to help and work with inventors, they are always considering new product ideas.

Phokus trauma kits are made to be extra thin so they can easily fit in the space between the body and body armor or ballistic plates. The kits are made from medical grade vinyl that prolongs the life of the medical supplies inside by 300%. Their trauma kits and contents have been tested in the field and are not damaged after taking several bullets (up to two rounds) to the body armor with the trauma kit behind it. The trauma kits are also waterproof and made with a pull handle rip cord that allows for fast and easy removal of contents in life-threatening situations.

Never be without life-saving supplies. Order your compact Phokus trauma kits from Chase Tactical today.

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