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Petzl began as a designer and manufacturer of products for climbing in the late 1960s and began designing headlamps in the early ‘70s. For over thirty years, they have designed headlamps that help people work efficiently in dark vertical environments. In addition to tactical headlamps, Petzl manufactures gear for any type of vertical operation, whether it involves climbing mountains, scaling buildings or helicopter rescue. Petzl manufactures products specifically for the hobbyist or for professionals that need to work in hostile vertical environments.


      Four LED headlamp with 4 lighting modes and red flip filter The TACTIKKA PLUS is designed for users who practice activities such as hunting, fishing or exploring nature on a regular basis. For this purpose, it has three lighting modes and a strobe mode for signaling the user’s location. The li . . .
      SKU: E49
    • Petzl TACTIKKA XP
      Powerful headlamp with 3 lighting levels, Boost mode and colored Wide Angle lenses.  Discreet proximity lighting while preserving night vision Colored (red, green, blue) and transparent Wide Angle lenses included, Interchangeable lenses, Carrier for second lens located on headband. A single light s . . .
      SKU: E89

Extensive Research & Development:
The Petzl Foundation conducts research for continuous product improvement in a variety of difficult environments. Petzl utilizes a multi-disciplinary team with knowledge of mechanical engineering, electronics, optics and information technology for the development of their headlamps.

Petzl understands that professionals such as athletes, climbers, rescue workers and military personnel require beams for different purposes that demand distinct ranges of vision, precision, and levels of conspicuousness to successfully do their jobs. Petzl fulfills these needs with their extensive development team. Petzl engineers develop ergonomically designed headlamps and use simulators to see precisely how different beams function in unique environments.

Petzl maintains high standards for testing, and tests each new product for quality, safety and durability. Every single headlamp that is manufactured must pass a functional inspection by a certified inspector.

Petzl’s tactical headlamps have different color filters that intensify certain contrasts and provide discreet lighting that allows the user to accomplish tasks without being discovered from a distance. Petzl also creates headlamps for hunting, fishing and exploration that provide the option of discreet lighting or a strobe light mode that allows the person to be located if needed.

Browse through our Petzl selection to find the solution that ensures you and your team are safe and are able to efficiently and effectively complete any vertical mission that lies ahead.