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Patrol Incident Gear (PIG) specializes in designing and manufacturing top quality tactical accessories and gear that gives warfighters an advantage over enemy fire. Trusted by Special Missions Units, PIG accessories like gloves, pouches, and chest rigs are made with high quality nylons and animal skins that can endure wear and tear on the battlefield. Chase Tactical proudly carries PIG tactical gloves made out the finest animal leathers and features a touch screen tactical responsive surface.

Browse our great selection of SKD Tactical PIG gloves below:

Patrol Incident Gear

    • PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves Gen 2
      PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves If you’ve ever worn tactical gloves while shooting and wished for something better… your wish is now reality. We’re proud to announce that the New PIG FDT Alpha Gloves now feature Touch Screen conductive synthetic suede on the index finger . . .
      SKU: PIG.753
    • PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Touch Bravo FR Gloves
      PIG FDT-Bravo Gloves Introducing the ALL NEW Patrol Incident Gear FDT Bravo FR Glove! We expect the Bravo FR glove to be a game changer, improving upon all of the industry-leading features introduced by the PIG FDT Alpha Glove. Simply put they will be the most dextrous fire resistant gloves availabl . . .
      SKU: PIG.701

PIG gear is made for Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilians. Constructed out of fine 100% sheep and goat leather and other military grade nylons, gloves developed by PIG were designed to give the user added control and dexterity when shooting firearms. For added safety on the field, their gloves are coated using specialized flame retardant sprays that prevent burns caused by ammunition. The low profile design of the glove prevents the abrasion of special gear finishes and can be easily stored in tactical pouches and bags. PIG tactical gloves feature flexible nylon and leather materials around the fingers to allow the user to move both hands in a natural manner. Their gloves also incorporate a wide touchscreen compatible thread stitching on the index finger and thumb that make operating the latest war technology easy and convenient.

Chase Tactical is a leading distributor of Patrol Incident Gear gloves to dealers and consumers of tactical gear. Our tactical products are selected by ex military men with decades of experience to ensure performance and reliably out on the battlefield. Order your PIG tactical gloves with confidence from Chase Tactical today.