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Founded in 1997, North American Rescue is a medical supply manufacturer that specializes in developing lifesaving emergency combat trauma equipment to treat extremity hemorrhaging, tension pneumothorax, and airway obstruction. As a critical medical equipment supplier, North American Rescue manufacturers tourniquets, chest seals, and decompression needles that are used during critical pre-hospital care to avert medical complications or death.

North American Rescue

    • C-A-T Combat Application Tourniquet
      The Combat Application Tourniquet® (C-A-T®) is a small and lightweight one-handed tourniquet that completely occludes arterial blood flow in an extremity. The C-A-T® uses a Self-Adhering Band and a Friction Adaptor Buckle to fit a wide range of extremities combined with a one-handed windlass syst . . .
      SKU: 30-0001
    • Chase Tactical IFAK / Basic Medical Refill
      We’ve collaborated with North American Rescue to provide a purpose driven IFAK which contains all the essentials in a vacuum sealed waterproof package. Perfect for cars, boats, backpacks, etc; anywhere you may encounter a life threatening emergency. Packaging is pre-torn on both ends to ensure . . .
      SKU: 85-1031
    • Emergency Trauma Dressing (ETD) – Abdominal/Stump
      The Abdominal/Stump ETD™ from North American Rescue is an ideal for dressing abdominal evisceration’s, traumatic amputations, burns and large pattern wounds. This ETD™ offers advanced wound care management on a larger scale and consists of a resilient elastic wrap equipped with an oversize . . .
      SKU: 30-0012
    • King LT-D – Size 5
      The KING LT-D™ airway device is the safest and most reliable disposable supraglottic airway tool for emergency ventilation when direct laryngoscopy is not feasible. Pliable fabrication is engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions. As noted in the Manual of Emergency Airway Managemen . . .
      SKU: 10-0004

Medical trauma equipment is the key to preventing death as the most critical phase of trauma care is the period from the time of injury, to the time that a patient arrives at a surgically capable medical facility.

North American Rescue products are precisely engineered with evidence-based medicine and medical research to ensure quality, and are trusted by military, federal agencies, law enforcement, and EMS personnel. To ensure product safety, they provide educational training resources detailing the intended use for each product and instructional guides for medical equipment. North American Rescue develops and tests their tactical medical supplies by following strict military Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines, and Rescue Human Factors to provide the most innovative solutions in trauma care. North American Rescue equipment is ISO 13485 certified to ensure that all medical products meet the highest worldwide safety and effectiveness standards in emergency trauma care.

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