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Mayflower R&C Tactical Plate Carriers & Vests

Mayflower Research & Consulting, LLC was founded in 2005 by a Special Operations veteran who began designing lightweight, high-performance tactical nylon for military athletes while still on active duty. In 2007, Mayflower partnered with Velocity Systems to take advantage of their manufacturing capabilities and hasn’t looked back.

The Mayflower design philosophy is built upon 20 years of infantry and Special Operations experience over six combat tours by Mayflower’s founder. This philosophy centers on trimming unnecessary weight off of the warfighter’s load by analyzing each piece of carry equipment for alternatives that are lighter but remain just as durable. Mayflower tactical gear also employs hybrid designers to contend with rapidly changing TTPs and environmental factors.

After 7 years of a successful partnership between Velocity Systems and Mayflower, Velocity Systems acquired the Mayflower brand on January 1, 2014. This was done so design, production, and shipping could be further integrated and improved. Now, Mayflower products are available faster and at a lower cost to the brave men and women who need them. As a testament to the Mayflower commitment to progress, the original founder remains on-board as the designer for Mayflower branded products.

Mayflower RC


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