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Mayflower R&C Tactical Plate Carriers & Vests

Mayflower Research & Consulting, LLC was founded in 2005 by a Special Operations veteran who began designing lightweight, high-performance tactical nylon for military athletes while still on active duty. In 2007, Mayflower partnered with Velocity Systems to take advantage of their manufacturing capabilities and hasn’t looked back.

The Mayflower design philosophy is built upon 20 years of infantry and Special Operations experience over six combat tours by Mayflower’s founder. This philosophy centers on trimming unnecessary weight off of the warfighter’s load by analyzing each piece of carry equipment for alternatives that are lighter but remain just as durable. Mayflower tactical gear also employs hybrid designers to contend with rapidly changing TTPs and environmental factors.

After 7 years of a successful partnership between Velocity Systems and Mayflower, Velocity Systems acquired the Mayflower brand on January 1, 2014. This was done so design, production, and shipping could be further integrated and improved. Now, Mayflower products are available faster and at a lower cost to the brave men and women who need them. As a testament to the Mayflower commitment to progress, the original founder remains on-board as the designer for Mayflower branded products.

Mayflower RC

      The new and improved Mayflower R&C APC! The super comfortable shoulder straps of the Velocity Systems Scarab meet the hardcore, high-speed functionality of the APC. The Assault Plate Carrier (APC) is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing ample surface area . . .
      SKU: MF-PC
      The UW Chest Rig Gen IV is a low-profile mission focused vest built to be ambidextrous and designed to carry the following: 4 ea 5.56mm magazines, 2 pistol magazines, up to 2 small radios (PRC-152/MBITR) as well as two GP pockets. The H style harness features loops to route antennas, comms wires and . . .
      SKU: MF-CR1
      The Mayflower RC by Velocity Systems Law Enforcement Plate Carrier (LEPC) was designed for ultimate modularity. The vest was designed with limited Molle and elastic cummerbunds for a sleek and clean look. The vest has large Velcro ? loop blocks on the front and back for ID as well as a drag handle. . . .
      SKU: MF-LEPC
    • Velocity Systems Quad 5.56 SwiftClip® Placard, GP
      The Quad 5.56 Magazine Placard, GP is meant to be a smaller, lighter alternative to a full chest rig, and is a quick attach/detach option allowing the end user to quickly change weapon systems without removing the rest of his equipment (radio, med etc). The placard has upward facing male buckles to . . .
      SKU: MF-Q556PLAC

Mayflower R&C Product Lines

  • Mayflower RC Armor Plate Carriers & Vests – Slim profile body armor plate carriers with the same MOLLE adaptability and bullet-stopping power you expect from a life-saving plate carrier, but with a fraction of the weight of most plate carrying systems.
  • Mayflower RC Rigs & Accessories – Ultra-lightweight clip holders and chest rigs to stretch field carrying capacity, which is always in short supply. Fill up your supplies without weighing yourself down using the intelligent designs and manufacturing of Mayflower and Velocity Systems.

Mayflower R&C Tactical Gear Features & Benefits

It’s easy to enter into the world of tactical gear with not much more than a set of standards for armor and weapon manufacturing and some capital to back your product. But if you don’t start putting together equipment that saves lives and protects freedom, you’ll find that the men and women who count on tactical gear to fight the good fight will buy their essential articles somewhere else.

Mayflower has never needed to worry about that. From its humble beginnings as a one-man armor operation, it has progressed into a tactical gear company with a reputation that keeps real freedom fighters coming back for more. The products are conceptualized and designed by a veteran who has seen the rigors of battle and has come back with original ideas to pull the toil out of warfare.

What you get is a product smartly fitted to the needs of the modern combatant and military athlete. Mayflower R&C vests, plate carriers, and accessories continue to pierce the boundaries of lightweight and effective armor, and they show no signs of stopping.

How to Use Mayflower Tactical Plate Carriers & Vests

Mayflower Research & Consulting products are great for:

  • All-day missions – super lightweight design keeps you on the move longer
  • Deployment – stay limber without exhaustion in extreme cold or heat
  • Challenge runs – add a degree of difficulty to your runs without overexerting
  • Field training – train harder and longer with light but effective armor

Order Your Mayflower Plate Carriers and Vests from Chase Tactical Today

Take your body armor into the 21st century today with Mayflower RC tactical gear and we’ll send any order over $150 to you without the shipping costs. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for information on our special pricing available on government, agency, and business orders, or talk to us to get a quote.

Each one of our products is manufactured for use both in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday and adventure situations. Subscribe to our newsletter today for more information. Please contact us from our contact page or email to address any questions or concerns. Shield and accessorize with modern combat equipment – order your Mayflower plate carriers and vests from Chase Tactical now!