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Limitless Gear is a tactical equipment manufacturer that strives to make things as simple as possible for military operators in the field. In their own words, they do this by building “products that are not constrained by conventional thought on design, materials, or function”. They are committed to American manufacturing, and they source high-performance US-made materials to use in producing gear at their facility in Ruckersville, Virginia. They are best known for the OPFOR MC-R, an innovative magazine carrier that quickly and easily attaches to any MOLLE surface.

Chase Tactical is proud to carry Limitless Gear products, such as the OPFOR MC-R, and we encourage our site visitors to check this page for more great products in the future. We regularly update our inventory with the latest products from leading tactical manufacturers.

Check out Limitless Gear Product Details Below:

Limitless Gear

    • Limitless Gear OPFOR MC-R
      Limitless Gear OPFOR MC-R Featuring the new MOLLE/PALs attachment system the Rapidly Scalable Equipment Ensemble RSEE. RSEE allows you to mount and dismount the OPFOR from 2×2 MOLLE/PALs surfaces in seconds. Now you can finally take full advantage of the modular nature of your equipment. The OP . . .

With the OPFOR MC-R, Limitless Gear has created a convenient, low-profile way for military personnel to carry and access magazines. The carrier can be rapidly attached to any MOLLE/PALS surface with no additional attachment accessories necessary. The magazine securely locks into the OPFOR carrier the same way it would lock into a weapon well, and it will stay in place until the operator removes it by twisting and pulling. This gives the operator much faster access to the magazine than she or he would have with a traditional lidded pouch, and this rapid access can make a crucial difference in a combat situation.

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Thanks to the invention of the OPFOR MC-R, there’s no reason for military members to rely on outdated lidded magazine pouches. Purchase great products, such as the OPFOR MC-R from Chase Tactical today, and remember to keep checking our site, as we look forward to carrying more Limitless Gear products as they become available.