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L-3 Warrior Systems is the U.S. Military’s largest supplier of advanced night vision and electro-optical technology. L-3 Warrior Systems is made up of several divisions including Insight Technology, ETO, EOTech, InfraRed Products, Advanced Laser Systems Technology and Mobile Vision. Together, L-3 creates the most extensive product lines of night vision, illumination devices, and precision targeting systems for warfighters to be successful when vision is limited. L-3 was founded by Ken Solinsky and his wife in 1988 as Insight Technology. They won a government proposal for infrared aiming lights and have grown the company into what it is today. Chase Tactical sells L3 products to provide the U.S. Military, police force, emergency responders and hunters with the most precise vision when it is needed most. These include L3 night vision, laser and thermal imaging products.

Learn about our elite selection of L3 Warrior Systems products below, and find the best one for your mission.

Most of our L3 gear can be used by anyone, whether civilian or military, but not all can be shipped overseas as per ITAR regulations. Thermal imaging cameras are ideal for surveillance, hunting at night, and for first responders that need top-of-the line night vision. Some of the optical devices are built to withstand rugged environments, extreme temperatures and meet or exceed military standards. These are best for military operations. The L3 Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser (ATPIAL) for commercial markets is the closest thing a civilian can get to a full power ATPIAL.

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L3 Warrior Systems