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Chase Tactical offers superior Ka-Bar knives for sale on our site. These knives, made of high carbon steel, are ideal for military personnel, outdoorsmen and survivalists. Ka-Bar manufactures knives for hunting, fishing, combat and for conquering the toughest outdoor jobs.


    • KA-BAR Mule Partially Serrated
      Model KA3053: Desert Mule 4″ Combo Edge Folder Heavy-duty lockback folders are big, feel solid in the hand, and are tough enough to tackle the most demanding chores. The folding knife’s answer to the fixed-blade fighting/utility knife made famous by KA-BAR, the MULES are just as versatil . . .
      SKU: KA3053
    • KA-BAR USA Fighting Knive
      New and Traditional Patterns Combined with High Quality Material. A combination of new and traditional designs made with high quality materials make these knives that perform as well as they look. Designed to be appealing to the eye and hard working all Black KA-BARS feature attractive black blades . . .
      SKU: KA1213

Ka-Bar Knives, Inc. is a subsidiary of the Cutco Corporation, and one of the longest-standing knife corporations in the U.S. They have been making knives of renowned quality since 1898. The name Ka-Bar was established in the early 1900s when a man who was almost killed by a bear only had his knife to fend for himself. The man survived and later wrote the company to thank them for making a high-quality knife that allowed him to kill a bear and save his life. The only legible letters in that sentence were k a bar. The company decided this was a great name to represent the quality of their product.

Ka-Bar’s most famous knife is the USMC which was a general issue knife for the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II. This legendary knife set the standard and became the model for many later designs.

All classic leather and Kraton knives have a full-length tang, which means the steel of the blade runs all the way through the handle. This is the first indication of a higher-quality knife and means the handle won’t break away from the blade and leave you high and dry in a life-threatening situation. All Ka-Bar blades undergo a heat treatment and tempering process to enhance the toughness of the steel.

Review our selection of Ka-Bar tactical knives and choose the best one for your needs. Contact us with any questions you may have about our products.

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