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Griffin Armament is a leader in developing weapon silencers to protect the hearing of U.S. military, law enforcement officials, and civilians. Founded by two deaf combat OIF veteran brothers, their mission is to design and manufacture innovative silencers and firearm solutions that prevent hearing loss among shooters out on the battlefield. Chase Tactical Proudly carries Griffin Armament muzzle brakes and compensators that help reduce damaging noise exposure from firearms.

Browse Chase Tactical’s selection of Griffin Armament gear below:

Griffin Armament

    • Griffin Armament 7.62 Flash Comp
      The 7.62mm Flash Compensator is a carefully designed muzzle control device which brings low concussion, low flash, muzzle rise elimination, and recoil reduction to your 7.62mm platforms. The 7.62mm Flash Comp accomplishes these objectives without destroying your rifle’s ruggedly handsome military . . .
      SKU: XHP762FC
    • Griffin Armament M4SDII Tactical Compensator
      With hundreds of satisfied customers from Law enforcement officers to civilian and Army Special forces three gun teams, the M4SD tactical compensator delivers low concussion muzzle control for a fraction of the cost of the competition while interfacing with 7 sound suppressor models from 6 manufactu . . .
      SKU: XHP556TC

Griffin Armament helps reduce the risk of prolonged firearm noise exposure that can lead to irreversible hearing loss. U.S. military, law enforcement, and special operations benefit from using muzzle brakes and compensators because of their reliability out on the field. Our selection of flash compensators is specially designed for 7.62mm platforms and provide low concussion, low flash, muzzle elimination, and recoil reduction. Other compensators we carry deliver low concussion; recoil, muzzle reduction, and minimal flash and dust signature that helps suppress damaging firearm noise. Their muzzle brakes and compensators are made out of aerospace alloy steel and are tested for durability and reliability out on the battlefield.

Order your Griffin Armament muzzle brakes and compensators that prevent hearing loss caused by firearm noise exposure from Chase Tactical today.