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First Spear specializes in designing breakthrough tactical gear that incorporates proprietary technology for military personnel and other law enforcement officials. Founded in 2010, First Spear was developed by U.S. Military servicemen and industry leaders whose mission is to create the most advanced protective systems that are proven to save lives on the battlefield. Chase Tactical proudly carries their innovative gear, such as ballistic helmet covers that can help military service men camouflage in various environments.

Browse our selection of specialized First Spear gear below:

First Spear

    • First Spear Hybrid Helmet Cover – MICH/ACH
      Individually sized and 100% fit tested the FirstSpear Hybrid Helmet Cover is designed to fit MICH/ACH Ballistic Helmets. A stretch fit ensures that it remains in place during Free Fall or Rotary Wing Operations. Loop is positioned for attachment of IFF capabilities and is pattern/color matched. Perf . . .
    • First Spear Hybrid Helmet Cover – OpsCore FAST
      **NOTE** These covers are sized for FAST Ballistic Helmets. If you are purchasing a cover for a FAST Carbon or Base Jump Helmet, you will want to get it in one size smaller than your helmet. Individually sized and 100% fit tested the First Spear Helmet Cover is designed to fit either the Ops Core &h . . .

Tactical Helmet Covers:
First Spear designs and manufactures advanced tactical gear for U.S. military service men and law enforcement that is made to withstand battlefield conditions. Their helmet covers are designed to fit MICH/ACH/ECH Helmets, Fast Ballistic Helmets, Fast Carbon Helmets, and Base Jump Helmets. These tactical helmet covers allow military and law enforcement officials to meet guidelines set for special operations, and provide design elements that can accommodate night vision shrouds. The high-grade textile fabrics of their quality covers can stretch to accommodate tactical helmets of various dimensions, and feature a breathable mesh texture that allows air to flow into the helmet for added comfort.

Order your First Spear gear from Chase Tactical for your next special operation today.