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Dritek has created specialty hanging equipment for athletes and warriors who find their heavy, protective gear made wet by the waters of the ocean or the blight of the swamp. To help combat bacteria growth and breakdown of quality fabrics made to protect men and women, Dritek created a hydrophobic hanger built to carry even the most waterlogged of equipment without breaking, cracking, or tearing. Each hanger is made of heavy-duty water wicking material that helps keep your most vital garb dry and in like-new condition.

Their hanger line sports the product for which Dritek is best known. The technology infused in this product line reflects the need of modern warriors and athletes to be outfitted with equipment that will keep them safe, healthy, and at peak performance. They are also environmentally friendly – every hanger is made of recycled material and is intended for permanent use.

Chase Tactical offers Dritek hangers as a compliment to a closet with a full tactical gear setup. Equipment designed for self-defense in combat zones tends to get dirty, heavy, wet, and well-worn. But that doesn’t mean that you have to keep it on the ground. At Chase Tactical, we believe that great warriors protect their gear just as much as it protects them.



About Dritek Product Lines:

  • Hangers – strong, long-lasting, versatile, and environmentally friendly hangers for your most important tactical gear

Features & Benefits of Dritek Hangers:

The Dritek hanger is a versatile tool for drying and preserving your most often used tactical equipment. Each hanger is so tough that it can hold up to 30 kg. (66 lbs.) of weight without bending or breaking. Hang waterlogged gear, clothes caked with mud, dirt, slime, or anything else so they can dry properly without deteriorating or growing unpleasant bacteria.

These tactical hangers can be hung anywhere inside or out thanks to their closed hook carabiner mechanism. All hangers come with a guarantee that they won’t break – and if the impossible happens, you can receive a replacement of any broken or failing hangers at no cost thanks to their 10-year warranty. All hangers are made with the help of recycled materials, and the toughness and versatility of every last hanger means you won’t be adding waste to any landfills.

Common Uses for Dritek Products:

Dritek hangers are great for:

  • Wetsuits – soaking, heavy wetsuits are no match
  • Camouflage – dry mud, swamp water, and sweat
  • Packs and bags – evaporate waterlogged gear in no time
  • Protective equipment – hang and dry tough, heavy shielding

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