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Darn Tough Vermont wasn’t always called Darn Tough Vermont. Owner Ric Cabot’s father established Cabot Hosiery Mills in 1978 deep in the green blanketed mountains of Northfield, Vermont, where the family has specialized in sock construction for the better part of 3 generations. After discovering their predilection for sock making, the company decided to focus their efforts solely on improving the construction and materials of their socks to create wear-resistant foot protection for the hikers, bikers, skiers, and adventurers of Vermont.

The result is the many custom product lines among which the Darn Tough military boot socks stand. Darn Tough believes in the durability of their tactical socks so deeply that they will happily replace a pair of socks with their lifetime guarantee – if you can manage to put a hole in them.

Chase Tactical offers military socks by Darn Tough because we know the battle-tested strength each sock provides. Your feet are what keep you moving in the field, and it’s integral that you keep them dry and cushioned. All Darn Tough boot socks are shaped to provide unyielding support under even the toughest circumstances – and do so without quitting, no matter how long you’ve had them.

Darn Tough Vermont

    • Darn Tough Merino Wool 1/4 Sock Mesh Ultra-Light, Style 14093
      Darn Tough Uniform regulation PT sock. White, no logo, ¼ cuff. Ultralight for that minimalist feel, and great for hot weather. Thin jersey knit throughout with mesh on top of foot for added breathability. Elastic support at arch. Reinforced heel and toe for increased strength and durability. True S . . .
      SKU: 14093
    • Darn Tough Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion, Style 14021
      These Darn Tough Merino Wool Cushion Tactical Boot Socks are Ranger-tough, flame-resistant socks that have even been rated as U.S. Army Team Soldier Certified Gear. This means they have all the protection and comfort features you need to maintain your operability, no matter what your task. Perfect f . . .
      SKU: 14021
    • Darn Tough USMC Merino Wool Boot Sock Cushion with Mesh, Style #1501
      Designed with MARCORSYSCOM to provide the Marines with an all season versatile boot sock. Slightly taller than mid calf with dense resilient terry loop cushioning surround the calf and on the foot bottom. Mesh knitting on top of foot for enhanced breathability. Elastic support at arch. Reinforced he . . .
      SKU: 1501

Darn Tough Product Lines:

  • Boot Socks – tactical socks with dense knitting, Merino wool, and ribbed ankle support for use by warriors and adventurers.

Features & Benefits of Darn Tough Vermont Products:

Darn Tough socks are not outsourced, which allows the manufacturers to weave top quality materials and painstaking labor into each sock design. The military-style socks are built with sculpted heel pockets so your foot fits the sock where ordinary socks force your sock to fit your foot. The arch of your foot is supported by knit-in elastic ribbing and your toes are protected by fitted toe boxes.

Enjoy extra protection for vulnerable areas with the ribbed knit and ankle support. The knitting provides a skeleton that keeps your ankles, shins, and calves from rolling, stretching, or bending. Merino wool keeps your feet warm, provides the perfect boot fit, and handles sweat so you can hike, ruck, run, or climb for hours without worry.

Common Applications for Darn Tough Users:

Darn Tough tactical socks are great for:

  • Sneaking missions – long-lasting comfort for careful infiltration
  • Adventure races – support across mountains, valleys, and streams
  • Wilderness exploration – climb, jump, hike, and crawl with ease
  • Adverse weather – keep your feet warm and dry

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