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Cejay Engineering IR & Signal Devices

The legacy of Cejay Engineering goes as far back as 1985, when the original owners formed the company to develop and distribute personal illumination devices for combination use with night vision equipment. As they developed their products, they found new uses for them as well as fresh ways to take advantage of emerging technologies. The company expanded their research and development sector to include ultraviolet, infrared, and thermal frequencies.

Today, Cejay sits atop the throne as the ruler of the electronic combat identification industry. United States Military and NATO operations include the use of such Cejay Engineering combat identification systems as the Phoenix Electronic Combat ID and the Pegasus, Athena, and Paris series.

Chase Tactical stocks the same well-trusted products that our freedom fighters use to preserve the American way of life. The company’s impressive list of long-term clients speaks to its reliability and product quality as well as its ongoing commitment to improvement. At Chase Tactical, we hold the same values dear that our friends at Cejay Engineering do, and we hope you’ll appreciate the care that goes into making life-saving products for our troops.

Cejay Engineering Product Lines

  • Cejay Engineering Signal Devices – You get more than just a simple signal device from Cejay Engineering. These multifunctional units provide a variety of signaling lights and strobe effects for complex communications in visible or invisible light spectrums.

Cejay Engineering Infrared (IR) Systems – The power-saving infrared (IR) systems from Cejay Engineering are water-tight, impact-resistant, and user-programmable. Create unique patterns for S.O.S. or target painting with one of these all-in-one beacons.

Cejay Engineering

    • Neptune IR Signal Device
      Neptune IR Signal Device Compact, Multi-Function Infrared Beacon The Neptune IR Beacon from Cejay Engineering is one of the most impressive multi-function units on the market. Its compact size, ease of use, effective modes, and 150’ submersion capability have quickly made it one of the most sought . . .
      $125.25 $120.00
      SKU: 902900
    • Pegasus 2AA IR Signal Device
      Pegasus 2AA IR Signal Device Compact, Programmable Infrared Beacon The Pegasus 2AA is a user-programmable infrared signaling beacon powered by two standard AA batteries. It features three modes of operation: Fixed rate (identical to the Phoenix Jr.), Universal Morse Code for S-O-S, and a final user- . . .
      $105.00 $92.00
      SKU: 902218IR

Cejay Engineering IR & Signal Devices Features & Benefits

All Cejay Engineering products have come a long way from their beginnings, but even at the helm of their production, products from Cejay have been superior in craftsmanship and utility. Today’s units have evolved to fit the standards of the modern battlefield and resist the combat capabilities of the enemy at every opportunity.

In most scenarios in which signaling devices are necessary, resources are low. Operators have to think clearly and improvise using a limited set of tools, a concept which exists in the heart of every Cejay Engineering IR & signal device. That’s why devices are made compact, low-energy, and multifunctional. Essential battlefield equipment continues to grow, but Cejay devices just keep getting more efficient.

How to Use Cejay Engineering Signal Devices

Cejay Engineering IR & signal devices are great for:

  • O.S. – remain unseen and safe while awaiting rescue
  • Covert Communications – send messages to land and air without visible light
  • Target Painting – covertly target for large-scale strikes
  • Tactical Maneuvering – call an audible without making a single sound

Order Your Cejay Engineering IR & Signal Devices from Chase Tactical Today

Double your communications and rescue capability with signaling devices from Cejay Engineering today and we’ll send any order over $150 to you without the shipping costs. Ask a Chase Tactical expert for information on our special pricing available on government, agency, and business orders, or talk to us to get a quote. Each one of our products is manufactured for use both in high-demand scenarios as well as everyday situations and outdoor activities. Subscribe to our newsletter today for more information and start receiving exclusive subscriber discounts. Please contact us from our contact page or email to address any questions or concerns. Enhance your safety and communications without being seen – order your Cejay Engineering IR & signal devices from Chase Tactical now!

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